Deena Danielle is an award winning, internationally published, nomadic photographer, whose work focuses on fashion, swimwear, and beauty photography. She is currently based in Miami, FL. Deena Danielle attended the University of Iowa, and graduated with Honors in the Bachelor's of Fine Arts with a specialization in Photography.


Salysé Magazine, 2017

Bossy! Magazine, 2017

Pump Magazine, 2016

Coco Fashion Magazine, 2016

Flawless Magazine, 2016

Fashion & Wine Magazine, 2016

Dining Out Miami Magazine, 2016

LVNLUX (Living Luxury), 2016

Delusse Magazine, 2014

O Imparcial, 2014

O Estado do Maranhao, 2014


1st place ATPI Contest Beginning Open
1st Place ATPI Fall Contest Beginning Sports/Action
1st Place Photography Award Southeast Iowa Super Conference
Honorable Mention The Association of Texas Photography Institute

Gallery Exhibitions:

Elements in Fashion , Photography and Jewelry Exhibition, Iowa City
Disaster Declarations , Iowa City
Text in Art , Photogrpahy exhibition at the Flying Leap Gallery, Fairfield Iowa


nxt | Model, Denver

Old Lisbon Restaurants, Miami 

Kone Restaurant, Miami Beach

SpottinStyle, London

O. Ascanio Gallery, Miami

Mofa Mofa Mofa, Miami


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