Deena Danielle is a creative director and an award winning, internationally published photographer. Her work focuses on fashion and beauty. Her aesthetic is defined by shooting a combination of digital and analog. She is based in Los Angeles, CA. Deena Danielle attended the University of Iowa, and graduated with Honors BFA with a specialization in Photography and received a MA from Savannah College of Art and Design from the School of Business Innovation in Luxury and Brand Management in 2023.



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British Vogue, April 2019

British Vogue, December 2018

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New York Fashion Week, AW 2019

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MVC Agency, Los Angeles

Schreiner Goods, Kerrville

Tailor Vintage, Connecticut

Activision, Los Angeles

Siku Jewelry, Los Angeles

nxt | Model, Denver

Old Lisbon Restaurants, Miami 

Kone Restaurant, Miami Beach

SpottinStyle, London

O. Ascanio Gallery, Miami

Mofa Mofa Mofa, Miami


"North Wind's Gift" Film, Michael Almereyda

"Ponte Pa Mi" Music Video, Jawy Mendez

"Dure Dure" Music Video, Jencarlos & Don Omar


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